The Deathly Portent

Cast of The Deathly Portent


For every book, I have to create a cast list. I usually do this at the start, but add to it as I go along and new characters pop up. As an example, this one is for The Deathly Portent. You can see that every single character has to be put into this. Otherwise I am liable to forget and put the wrong name!

Here you will also find some references to the area. These days, this document contains everything I will need. Cast, places, distances, and snippets of potential plot, plus a list of names I might need to use.

I have 8 documents in my Alphasmart and this one always sits in Document 8. I add to it and every so often update the one on my computer. By the end, I have a complete list of who, what, where, etc.


TIME:  Spring/Summer 1790 – check French goings-on for exact time

Ottilia, Lady Frances Fanshawe, 30 (“Tillie” or “Lady Fan”) 

Lord Francis Fanshawe, 33 (“Fan” or “Fanfan”)

Tom and Ben? (Ottilia’s nephews) [her brother is a doctor]

Patrick (brother)

(Diplock (Francis’ valet))

Ryde (Francis’ groom)

Williams (the temporary coachman)

Lady Edingale, Ottilia’s godmother

Charis (Cass or Cassie to Cassandra) (18, saying 20) Armadale, “Mrs Dale”

The Reverend Aidan Kinnerton (27) (son of viscount)

Tabitha (Tabby) Hawes, (32) maid to Cassie (ex Ferrensby household)

Tom Hawes, (35) Tabitha’s husband

Mrs Winkleigh, (50) Aidan’s old nurse, now housekeeper

Croy, Aidan’s groom

Lady Ferrensby, “Aunt Ida” (43) (widow, baroness)

Lord Ferrensby, her son (unmarried, abroad)

Doctor Meldreth, the village doctor

Pilton, the constable

Duggleby, the blacksmith (victim)

Working Blacksmith

Mr Uddington, shop owner (victim) (Henbury’s godson)

Harry Uddington, his son

Pa Wagstaff, Mrs Tisbury’s father

Tisbury, landlord of The Cock and Bottle (sells poultry and eggs as well as wine)

Mrs Molly Tisbury, landlady of Cock and Bottle (victim)

Farmer Staxton, dairy farmer

Will, the Tapster

Bessy, housemaid at Cock

Bertha Duggleby, blacksmith’s widow

Jenny, blacksmith’s daughter

Alice, Beeleigh’s maid

Ned, Duggleby’s young son

Village boys

Mrs Hannah Pakefield, landlady of the inn The Blue Pig

Mr Pakefield, landlord

Patty, maid at Blue Pig

Mr Horace Netherburn, (46) local gentry

Miss Alethea Beeleigh, aged spinster (Evelina’s friend)

Mrs Evelina Radlett, widow (Alethea’s friend)

Lord Henbury, extremely aged widower, local JP (Uddington’s godfather)

Village of Witherley, on River Anker – only claim to fame that it is close to Bosworth Field where Richard III was killed.

Nearest town, west of river, 2 miles – Atherstone

Next biggest, south, 5-6 miles – Nuneaton

Nearest city, south, 14 miles – Coventry

Fanshawes have come from Pipetritt on duty visit to Ottilia’s godmother, now heading for Dowager at Polbrook.

Flitteris, their home is nr Okeham in Rutland (close to Melton Mowbray, hunting country) [NOTE, I changed this when I eventually came to write a story that is partially set in Flitteris.]

18th forge in Ireland
Bellows and hammers
Roundhouse Lockup